National News

"National Meth Awareness Day: Colorado Meth Project Gives Away Art on Facebook"
11/30/2012 - Huffington Post
"Hellgate Students Decorate Graffiti Mural With Anti-Meth Message"
11/29/2012 - Missoulian
"Breaking Bad Meth Habits in Idaho"
8/28/2012 - The Idaho Statesman
"Half of Us and The Meth Project Nominated Along Side X-Factor Finalist Chris Rene at 16th Annual PRISM Awards"
4/11/2012 - Entertainment Industries Council
"Study Finds Montana Meth Project Effective"
3/9/2012 - Great Falls Tribune
" is Web Pick of the Week"
1/27/2012 - Communication Arts
"Meth Project Connects Teens to Anti-Drug Message"
11/14/2011 - Billings Gazette
"'Black Swan' Director Darren Aronofsky Creates Anti-Meth Ads"
11/10/2011 - ABC News
"Meth Project Launches Online Effort to Reach Teens"
11/9/2011 - Denver Post
"Darren Aronofsky Directs Terrifying Anti-Meth PSAs"
11/9/2011 - CBS
"Meth Revisited"
October, 2011 - Phoenix Magazine
"Our Crystal Meth Hell"
9/23/2011 -
"Graphic Ads Turn Around Montana Teen Meth Use"
9/20/2011 - CBS Evening News
"Montana Meth Worries Linger, Despite Past Victories"
8/20/2011 - Great Falls Tribune
"Addicted in Hollywood: Crystal Meth Gaining Popularity Due to Price, Easy Access"
8/08/2011 -
"Attorney General John Suthers Says Colorado Is Making Progress In Battle Against Meth"
5/12/2011 - Huffington
"Colorado Continues Potent Anti-Meth Campaign"
5/12/2011 - Denver
"Catalytic Philanthropy: The Siebel Foundation Does Philanthropy Differently Than Other Donors"
Spring 2011 - Gentry Magazine
"Colorado Attorney General Suthers Discusses the Meth Problem on Fox News"
1/24/2011 - Fox News
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #3 Among Foundations Worldwide"
12/4/2010 - Barron's
"Meth Art Winner Uses Rodeo Theme"
8/21/2010 - Helena Independent Record
"Shock Ads: Do They Work?"
7/28/2010 - ABC News/ Nightline
"Do Graphic PSAs Have You Changing the Channel or Glued to the Tube?"
4/20/2010 -
"Meth Still Grips, But Doesn't Strangle, Montana"
2/4/2010 - Voice of America
"Tom Siebel Discusses the Meth Project on CNN Radio"
1/19/2010 - CNN Radio
"Montana Meth Project 'Ben'"
1/15/2010 -
"Meth Project Proves Effective"
12/13/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"'The 25 Best Givers' - Meth Project Ranked #5 Among Foundations Worldwide"
11/30/2009 - Barron's
"Don't Allow Methamphetamine to Ruin Your Life"
9/2/2009 - Psychology Today
"Catalytic Philanthropy"
9/1/2009 - Stanford Social Innovation Review
"The Mercury News Interview: Tom Siebel, Chairman of First Virtual Group and the Siebel Foundation"
6/19/2009 - San Jose Mercury News
"Just Say Know"
6/12/2009 - NPR: On The Media
"Tom Siebel's Anti-Meth Campaign"
4/22/2009 - Forbes
"Senate Panel Shifts Stimulus Education Money"
4/8/2009 - Associated Press
"Successful Ad Campaign has Meth Addicts Telling Their Stories"
3/28/2009 - Herald & Review, Decatur, IL
"Resurgence of Meth Labs in Arizona Feared"
2/17/2009 - Arizona Republic
"March at the Capitol"
2/17/2009 - KULR-TV, Billings
"2,300 Teens Participate in March Against Meth"
2/16/2009 - KRTV-TV, Great Falls
"Largest Youth Demonstration in Montana's History"
2/16/2009 - KFBB-TV, Great Falls
"Thousands March Against Meth"
2/16/2009 - Helena Independent Record
"Montana Teens Get Ready to Storm Capitol"
2/15/2009 - KULR-TV, Billings
"Getting Real About Meth"
February 2009 - Family Circle Magazine
"Societal Cost of Meth Use Is Gauged in New Study"
2/4/2009 - The New York Times
"Against the Grain"
New Year 2009 - Lifestyles Magazine
"After Their Tech Empires Are Built"
11/20/2008 - E-Commerce Times
"Meth Use Down, Thanks to Project"
11/15/2008 - Arizona Republic
"Terry Goddard Announces Substantial Reduction in Statewide Meth Use"
10/2/2008 - Office of Attorney General Terry Goddard
"The Montana Meth Project"
8/22/2008 - BBC World News America
"Anti-Meth Campaign Kicks Off"
6/17/2008 - Associated Press Newswires
"Report: Valley Teens' Attitudes About Meth are Changing"
6/13/2008 - KNXV-TV Arizona (
"The Antidrug Lord: Tom Siebel Keeps Kids Off Meth by Pushing Shocking Ads"
July/August 2008 - Good Magazine
"Beyond Standard Practice: Social Work and the Media"
Spring, 2008 - The New Social Worker Online
"Unselling Meth"
5/23/2008 - NOW on PBS with Bill Moyers
"Graphic Ads Have Reversed a Trend"
5/1/2008 - The Economist
"Hollywood Directors Help Fight Meth"
4/2/2008 - E! Online
"Silicon Valley Billionaire on Mission to Fight Meth"
4/2/2008 - CBS 5 News at 11 (Silicon Valley)
"Montana Meth Project Unveils New Ads Directed by Famed Filmmaker"
4/1/2008 - Associated Press
"Mexican Director Inarritu Takes on Meth Abuse"
4/1/2008 - Reuters
"Illinois to Air Meth Project Ads"
2/13/2008 - Great Falls Tribune
"ID Group Begins Airing Graphic Anti-meth Ads"
1/8/2008 - The Associated Press
"Contractors Make Major Donation to Montana Meth Project"
12/22/2007 - The Associated Press
"'Just Say No' Gets a Radical Facelift"
11/14/2007 - Idaho Business Review
"Fighting Meth — With TV Commercials"
10/8/2007 - ABC Nightline
"Key to Success: Montana Meth Project"
10/1/2007 - ABC World News Tonight
"Schools Chief Says Meth Use Declining Due to Shocking Ads"
9/18/2007 - Associated Press
"Survey: Some Teens Find Meth Easy to Get"
9/18/2007 - Associated Press
"Baucus Ponders the Latest Bulge in the Meth Balloon"
9/18/2007 - Congressional Quarterly Healthbeat
"Youths See Little Risk in Trying Meth"
9/18/2007 - Gannett News Service
"Enterprising Ideas - Montana Meth Project"
8/31/2007 - NOW on PBS
"Letters to the Editor - Montana Meth Project"
8/6/2007 - Philanthropy Roundtable
"What Works: Strategies, Approaches, Developments"
Summer 2007 - Stanford Social Innovations Review
"Funding Secured for the Montana Meth Project"
6/29/2007 - The Associated Press
"Ads of the Weird"
6/29/2007 - MSNBC
"Montana Provides a Blueprint"
6/22/2007 - Kingman Daily Miner
"Lassoing Montana Meth"
6/19/2007 - Philanthropy Magazine
"FBI Honors Siebel for Meth Project Work"
6/6/2007 - Great Falls Tribune
"Idaho Ups Campaign to Fight Meth Use"
5/20/2007 - Idaho Press Tribune
"'Paint the State' Art Featured in Book"
5/1/2007 - Helena Independent Record
"Meth Use Receding in Some Regions"
4/1/2007 - The Associated Press
"Meth Crisis"
3/17/2007 - ABC World News Tonight
"HBO Documentary Spotlights Heartland Devastation of Meth Abuse"
3/16/2007 -
"Hooked: When You Can't Stop"
3/14/07 - CNN Paula Zahn Now
"Documentary Highlights Montana's Meth Problem"
3/13/2007 - NPR
"More Meth Ads Unveiled"
3/7/2007 - The Associated Press
"Tell the Truth: A $12 Million Anti-Meth Lesson"
3/2/2007 - Times-News
"New Documentary On Meth Use in Montana"
2/14/2007 - NPR
"Otter Lets Anti-Meth Ads Speak for Themselves"
2/1/2007 - Idaho Statesman
"Attorney General Says Meth Use Seems to be Declining"
1/24/2007 - The Associated Press
"Office of National Drug Control Policy Press Conference"
10/17/2006 - KECI-TV (NBC)
"White House Commends Montana Meth Project"
10/16/2006 - The Associated Press
"White House Drug Czar Recognizes Effective Montana Efforts Reducing Meth Production, Use"
10/16/2006 - White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
"The Siebel Brand"
September/October 2006 - Montana Magazine
"Montana Shows How to Divert Kids From Meth"
6/25/2006 - Arizona Republic
"Tweaking the Message"
5/1/2006 - The Missoulian
"Drug Dependency in the US: The Crystal Craze"
4/21/2006 - The Independent
"Encouraged by First-round Results, Anti-meth Ad Campaign Resumes"
4/20/2006 - Great Falls Tribune
"Campaign Highlights Horror Of Meth"
3/29/2006 - CBS Early Show
"Montana Meth Project"
3/18/2006 - NBC's Nightly News
"Montana Meth Project"
3/17/2006 - CNBC's Power Lunch
"Montana Meth Project"
3/6/2006 - MSNBC's Rita Cosby Live & Direct
"New Ad Campaign Targets Teen Meth Use"
3/2/2006 - CNN's Live From...
"Ad Campaign Targets Crystal Meth Users"
3/1/2006 - CNN's Showbiz Tonight
"Montana Uses Shock Tactic in War on Drugs"
2/28/2006 - NPR's All Things Considered
"Shock Tactics: Montana's Meth Project Ads"
2/27/2006 - NPR's "Talk of the Nation"
"With Scenes of Blood and Pain, Ads Battle Methamphetamine in Montana"
2/26/2006 - New York Times
"America's Most Dangerous Drug"
8/8/2005 - Newsweek
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